Design Thinking for your Career, Life, & Path Forward

This online workshop program is a series of video workshops developed to help those who want to apply “design thinking” to their own future and career. The program activities guide you to “innovate yourself” and create your own unique path to a successful life and career, integrating the best of your academic, professional, and personal experiences. Get started now as an individual or contact Darin at [email protected] for group options.

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Design Thinking for your Career & Life

Originally created as a blended, hybrid, or “Flip The Classroom” style program for use at Dartmouth College, Create Your Path teaches reflective skills and design thinking methods to strategically apply to your life. In workshop videos, students are guided through step-by-step activities designed to help them gain insight about themselves and innovate for the future.

Key Features

-Blended program style is scalable and can be integrated with other campus programs and resources.

-Build in optional kick-off or closing events, mentoring, advising, coaching, projects, presentations and more.

-Blend highly personal and collaborative approaches like peer-to-peer groups with technology, online tools and social media.

-Program consulting from leadership development expert Darin Eich, Ph.D. to design the best delivery for your institution.

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Program Overview