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Welcome to the Create Your Path program prototype! On this page you can see the first video workshop which can be customized for a specific institution (email me for an example), as well as an overview of the other workshops. I help the institution design a custom program and delivery where students (in teams, pairs, or individually) watch the video module and do the activities suggested. There can be special kick-off or closing events and students can create a portfolio as a result of the step-by-step program. Students can share or discuss each activity they do in a small group or in pairs…even 3 minute conversations or tweet-style quick sharing in the group can make a big difference. You can also do this program on your mobile device!

Create Your Path Workshop 1: Resources & Experiences

Objective: Help students gain an understanding of the whole program and the process used to reflect, strategize, and innovate their academic and professional lives. Begin reflection with the building blocks of specific resources and then experiences.

Key Activities: Resources, Experiences

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Here is a glimpse of the other Create Your Path program modules:

Create Your Path Workshop 2: Visual Journey Story, Hero’s Journey

Objective: Converge on the various reflections and introspection the students have been engaging in to enhance self-knowledge. Integrate the reflective knowledge into a story that gives them insight on the path they have taken.

Key Activities: Visual Journey Story, Hero’s Journey

Create Your Path Workshop 3: Strengths, Passionate Interests

Objective: Utilize the micro and macro reflection the students have been doing to give them insight into the strengths or skills they have, the values they hold dear, and the passionate interests that engage them.

Key Activities: Strengths, Passionate Interests

Create Your Path Workshop 4: Artifacts, Specific Strengths-Interests-Values

Objective: Develop meaning, understanding, focus, and the potential to leverage their unique collection of strengths, interests, and values that make them unique and high potential. Gain experience in communicating this. Integrate the micro and macro reflection of experiences with the micro and macro reflection on personal characteristics together.

Key Activities: Artifacts, Specific Strengths-Interests-Values

Create Your Path Workshop 5: Envision, Challenge, Questions

Objective: Focus now on the future. Utilize the self-knowledge that students have constructed about themselves and develop a new future vision for professional and academic success. Start applying an innovation system to create a vision for the future and engage in a strategic process to go from challenge to questions.

Key Activities: Envision, Challenge, Questions


Create Your Path Workshop 6: Idea Generating

Objective: Engage students in thinking intentionally and innovatively about their future, both immediate and long-term. Show them deconstruction and construction skills that break a big challenge down into smaller ideas. Guide them through generating more and better ideas for themselves with tools and techniques.

Key Activities: Idea Generating

Create Your Path Workshop 7: Idea Analysis, Idea Synthesis, Concept Development

Objective: Guide students through a process to re-construct their ideas into better, more innovative developed concepts. Like a portfolio of intellectual property for their own academic and professional life, help them to build valuable personal knowledge and creative assets.

Key Activities: Idea Analysis, Idea Synthesis, Concept Development

Create Your Path Workshop 8: Selection, Concept Communication, Launch

Objective: Help students move from analyzed and synthesized concepts to a strategic plan for action that can be communicated well. Help them leverage their strengths and interests with resources and tools to create a new path towards a meaningful academic & professional destination.

Key Activities: Selection, Concept Communication, Launch

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