Create Your Path Workshop 5: Envision, Challenge, Questions

 Create Your Path Workshop 5: Envision, Challenge, Questions

Create Your Path Workshop 5: Envision, Challenge, Questions
The Challenge Tree

Objective:  In this workshop, students will identify an area of focus and develop their path based on their findings from the previous workshops.  Focusing on the future, students will start applying a system of innovation in order to create their vision of the future, engaging in a strategic process.

Activity – Students will:

  • Envision the unique future they want to realize.
  • Use the Challenge Tree metaphor to identify questions for personal innovation.

Development – Students will create:

  • A vision of their success story.
  • A list of questions using the Challenge Tree and the Ladder method.

Outcome – Students will learn how to:

  • Root down and branch out using the self-innovation process.

Workshops In This Program:

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